6th Season 2015-2016

The Seasons of Kaimerata Concerts:

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Franz Schubert


I realize that every year, I say the same thing about the music we will perform:  that they are masterpieces and you can’t allow yourself to miss them!  So, I will repeat myself.  Don’t miss any of the performances this year!! 


The chamber music works he churned out in such a short time are truly remarkable.  The ‘Trout’ Quintet is from his younger years whereas the Cello Quintet and the Quartet ‘Death and the Maiden’ were from his last years.  These works are all incredibly beautiful, profound, full with emotions, challenging to play, long, and reflect his positive yet sad existence.  The octet is almost an hour in length but has no weak moment, no less-interesting movement.  The other works are anywhere between 40 and 50 minutes but take the auditor on an incredibly special voyage through Schubert’s life and experiences. 


This year’s format is a bit different in that we will present the 4 concerts in two month’s time.  We have the generous help of the Ferrer-Salat Foundation, which allows us to have one low fixed price for all the concerts.  We are also able to invite some special guests this year, including the Bergmann Duo from Canada who will perform the Grand Duo Sonata for four hands, Claudio Pasceri, a wonderful cellist from Italy, and a few of the excellent candidates of the recent auditions in the Gran Teatre del Liceu, who have won the auditions for permanent positions but have to undergo a trial year before being confirmed.  We are also very lucky to include a young Catalan cellist, recently returned from his studies abroad, Pau Codina.  And, of course, Catherine and I will appear together in the second concert, with the impressive Fantasy for violin and piano. 


The only negative thing of this season is that there is so much great music of Schubert that we can’t fit into four concerts!  Maybe we’ll have to do another Schubert year next year…

























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