The Seasons of Kaimerata Concerts:

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     I. Prodigious and depth


-     Violin Concerto in E minor, Op.64, Felix Mendelssohn

-     Strings symphony, Felix Mendelssohn

-     Violin and Piano Double concerto in D minor, Felix Mendelssohn 



     II. Beauty and brilliance


-     String Quartet nº1, Op. 12, in E flat major, Felix Mendelssohn

-     String Quartet nº3, Op. 44, in D major, Felix Mendelssohn



     III. Mendelssohn marvels


-     String Quartet nº2, Op.13, in A minor, Felix Mendelssohn

-     Octet for strings, Op.20, Felix Mendelssohn



     IV. Maturity and Romanticism


-     Violoncello and Piano Sonata nº2, Op. 58, Felix Mendelssohn

-     Piano, Violin and Violoncello Trio nº1, Op. 49, F. Mendelssohn


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