3rd Season 2012-2013: Sergei Prokofiev and Sextets

The Seasons of Kaimerata Concerts:

The Program of the Concerts:  


       17th December


-     Overture on Hebrew Themes, Op.34, Prokofiev

-     Sonata for two violins, Op.56, Prokofiev

-     Souvenirs de Florence, Op.70, Tchaikovsky


       21st January


-     Quintet Op. 39, Prokofiev

-     Sonata no.1 in F minor for violin and piano, Prokofiev

-     Sextet no.1, Op.18, Brahms



       19th March


-     Sonata no.2 for violin and piano, Prokofiev

-     Sonata no.7 for piano, Prokofiev

-     Sextet, Op.48, Dvorak


       20th June


-     Quartet no.1, Op.50, Prokofiev

-     'Concert' for violin, piano and string quartet, Chausson

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